5 sunglasses trends that you need to know about!
14.09.2016 03:41
One of my favorite things to pay attention to during Fashion Weeks – are accessories, especially sunglasses. By choosing the right pair you can make your look absolutely unique and trendy and a wrong pair will certainly spoil it. This season has brought us a few trends for sunglasses and in this post I would like to share with you my favorite ones.

Sunglasses with details 

During this season we saw a lot of variations of sunglasses with beautiful details. As a rule, Dolce&Gabbanapresented the most incredible designs of sunglasses from more subtle to completely over the top ones that ultimately look like art.

sunglasses trends 2016

Futuristic irregular shapes

Kenzo, Giamba, Dolce&Gabbana were not afraid to show unusual designs of sunglasses, putting the most emphasis on irregular shapes of the frames and of the lenses. Perhaps the most unique pair is by Giamba  with shapes of hearts and stars.

sunglasses trends 2016

Cat-eye shape

This is not a completely new trend, however I am happy that it is still in this season as cat-eye shape is one of the most feminine and sensual ones. Marni introduced a beautiful collection of sunglasses, including cat-eye with a theatrical presentation during the Milan Fashion Week.

glasses cateye

Sunglasses with Clear lenses 

One of the most surprising, stylish and absolutely not practical trends this season is clear lenses. Gucci has presented a beautiful pair of sunglasses where the clear lenses draw all of our attention to the frame.

clear lense sunglsses

Oversized Sunglasses

This trend is absolute a must-have of this season! Practically every fashion brand has presented a pair of oversized sunglasses during their shows. Dolce&Gabbana is once again on top of its game with oversized sunglasses in various shapes and colours! oversize glassesDon’t be afraid to experiment with your sunglasses style and just have fun with it!

With love,

Your Karolina