Fashion Week
05.10.2016 03:57

Among all the shows we have visited during the Milan fashion week – Elisabetta Franchi was the one who impressed us the most with her incredibly beautiful collection which took our breath away while watching an amazing fashion show spring – summer 2017.

The new ELISABETTA FRANCHI collection evokes that luxurious atmosphere of the scintillating eighties in America. A confident and sensual Power Woman, excessive when it comes to details and shapes.  Opulence and lavish dresses for a ‘Dress to impress’ mood with a provocative and ostentatious style that brings out femininity in a contemporary way. Hollywood style luminous creations that celebrate the female body with deep slits and necklines. Long embroidered dresses, asymmetries and transparencies make for a seductive nude effect: the ELISABETTA FRANCHI woman is audacious and loves showing off, like a REAL DIVA.

Sexy mermaid skirts, bodysuits and tight-fitting micro tops highlight the figure and worship the body. High-waisted trousers with over-the-top palazzo and bell-bottoms reveal the legs thanks to super feminine slits. Maxi lengths for the oversized cardigans and jackets, enriched with sparkling sequins. Animal prints, a must for the Maison. Fringes, as always, are used to liven up garments and accessories alike. The spirit of the 80’s revives also in its pop-rock version: mesh, torn denim and accessories call Madonna in “Like a virgin” to mind.

Elisabetta Franchi you are a real diva in fashion industry! We are absolutely in Love!

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