Fashion Week
Philipp Plein fashion show SS’2017 “ALICEINGHETTOLAND”
03.10.2016 05:59


“- Pink flamingos, magic mushrooms, ice-cream trucks and a giant carousel…  Welcome to Ghettoland, a candy-colored town where everyone dreams big and fantasies really do come true”


Entering through a towering ghetto blaster in a chauffeur-driven Cadillac, hip hop queen and ultra-vixen Fergie reigns supreme in this town. Her song M.I.L.F. $ booms through  the  enormous  speakers:  You  got  that,  you  got  that,  you  got  that  milk money … I got that, I got that, I got that MILF money.

The Ghettoland girls chant the lyrics like a national anthem. These women are beautiful, powerful and in control.  There  are  no  desperate housewives  here:  these  women  run  the  place  with  a  rod  of  glittering  gold  and  they dress like hip hop honeys. Everyday uniforms like jeans and tracksuits are pimped-up into  super-luxe  pieces  with  the  addition  of  croc-prints, intricate  embellishment  and layers  of  heavy  gold  jewelry.  Baseball caps, high-tops and bomber jackets are elevated into perfect examples of street-style couture. More is definitely more, and these women want to be noticed; their playthings – the local college boys and hired help – can only stand back and watch in awe as they swagger by.

Alice in Ghettoland is the largest and most ambitious show ever attempted in Milan Fashion Week. It is also the last time Philipp Plein will present a collection in Milan. Starting  next  season,  the  global  brand  will  stage  its  explosive  extravaganzas  in  New York City. Get ready it’ll soon be time for a new adventure.

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