12.07.2015 01:41

“When you truly want to work for having the best result nothing will ever stop you”

Today I want to tell you the story of one amazing, but very cold shooting day. One month ago wandering the streets in Kyiv I have found the place which was such an exciting discovery for me. I have been passing by this street million times before, but never payed attention to the magical silver corner. Once I saw the location the creative idea came to my mind and next day photographer Julia Diachenko and I confirmed the date for a shooting.

During the next 5 days I have been looking for a perfect outfit. I saw it in my mind, but couldn’t find the right clothes in shops. Do you know those feelings when you want everything to work out in a perfect way, but you can’t get what you really want and you can’t create something what you see in your mind? So annoying, I know, but this kind of disappointments never stop me and I kept seeking for the right look. And here down below my story you can see the result we’ve got.

On these pictures I’m wearing Zara top and skirt, yes, exactly top + skirt, when I saw these combination I haven’t got any doubts and bought it straight away, knowing that these two items I can wear as a dress or separately creating other outfits, adding new details and accessories.

So with +12 degrees outside I have been posing for getting these pictures, many cups of hot tea and friendly atmosphere didn’t let me feel like a snowman, but I can definitely say it was worth it! Thanks again to all the people who helped with the organization, photographer, backstage filming, hairdresser and make up master – you are the best!


Top:     Zara
Skirt:    Zara
Shoes:  Casadei

Photo by: Julia Diachenko


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