Soft touch
08.02.2016 01:14


What to choose between “look beautiful” or “feel comfortable” in what you wear? I would say that fashion has different purposes, but the main one for me is comfort. You will never look beautiful and graceful, if you feel uncomfortable in clothes you wear. You can’t leave the house doubting, you have to be sure that you look amazing, comfortable and the outfit already made your day, and all the rest is yet to come.

This morning while choosing what to wear, I knew that the day is going to be long, so I won’t be wearing high heels, instead, over the knee boots will be a good choice. In the mood for light outfit I have chosen oversized sweater in pastel pink colour which I bought in size M, and not the usual XS, and to add the touch of femininity and elegance I wore a delicate black belt. By adding a black scarf the outfit look completed and got three dark details to contrast this light sweater/dress: boots, belt and scarf.

Have a great day beautiful people!

With love,

Lily Petrangovska.


Dress: Zara

Boots: Zara

Scarf: Massimo Dutti

Belt: Closet London

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